Aging Out: Seniors Denied Access to Bingo Halls

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The world is a strange place, and the older you get the more you realise that. But one thing that nobody could have predicted is the concept of ‘aging out’ of bingo halls – something that’s become increasingly common in many parts of the world. It’s a strange concept to grasp – what criteria could there be to deny an elderly person access to a seemingly harmless pastime? Read on to find out the answers to this and more.

“Aging Out” of Bingo Halls?

It’s not uncommon for bingo halls to be seen by many as a place for seniors to congregate and enjoy a pleasant evening. But in some countries, there’s a growing trend of bingo halls imposing an age restriction on those who wish to attend – and it’s usually those over a certain age who are being denied access.

In some places, this ‘aged out’ limit has been set at a relatively young age such as sixty-five. Is this because bingo operators feel that seniors are too old to take part in such activities? Or is it because they wish to attract a younger demographic and appear hip and modern?

When Senior Citizens Just Don’t Fit the Profile

It’s not just bingo halls that are guilty of ageism. In many countries, there’s an increasing trend of senior citizens being excluded from other activities due to their age. This could be something as simple as being denied entry to a bar or nightclub.

This kind of discrimination goes against everything that the elderly stand for – after all, it’s these very people who have been working hard for the majority of their lives, and it’s only right that they’re treated with respect. If they’re being denied access to activities that their younger peers are allowed to take part in, then something needs to be done to remedy this worrying trend.

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It seems almost absurd that senior citizens are being ‘aged out’ of activities such as bingo – after all, what harm could an elderly person pose in the bingo hall? We must ensure that we’re treating our elderly population with the respect that they deserve, and allowing them to enjoy the same activities that younger generations take for granted.

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