Baccarat Etiquette: ‘Prestige’ and Formality? Please.

Baccarat is often referred to as the “prestige” game. But what does this mean exactly? Is there any truth to the claim? And if so, how does that translate into the formality of the baccarat table? Let’s take a look.

“Prestige” – A Baccarat Euphemism

The notion of “prestige” associated with baccarat is largely a euphemism. Yes, the game has been around since the 1400s and it is popular among high-rollers. But that hardly makes it any more “prestigious” than other card games. It’s not like baccarat is less accessible or requires a certain level of sophistication in order to play. In fact, the rules of baccarat are quite simple and anyone can learn them.

Moreover, baccarat is often seen as a game of luck or chance, which further debunks the notion of it being a more sophisticated and “prestigious” game. It certainly does not require any special skills, knowledge, or strategy to play. So the concept of “prestige” is merely a marketing ploy to make baccarat seem more glamorous and exclusive.

Formality? Let’s Not Pretend

The idea that baccarat is a formal game is also dubious at best. Sure, you can find numerous casinos, both online and offline, that adhere to specific dress codes and rules of conduct. But is it really necessary to dress up and act a certain way in order to play baccarat? Not really.

Most casinos today are quite relaxed when it comes to their dress code and often allow their customers to dress as casually as they like. Furthermore, it’s not like baccarat is a highly competitive game with strict etiquette. So in the end, you don’t really need to adhere to any formalities or codes of conduct in order to enjoy a game of baccarat.

In conclusion, the notion of “prestige” surrounding baccarat is largely a marketing ploy. And the idea that the game is formal and requires specific codes of conduct is also misguided. Baccarat is a game that anyone can play and enjoy, regardless of their outfit or social status. So let’s stop pretending that it is something more than it is – just a fun and easy card game.

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