Burnt Out at Baccarat: Let’s Bemoan the Dealer’s Blues

As soon as you enter a casino, you can hear the clatter of chips, the spinning of wheels, and the whoops of winning players. But there is one sound that is often overlooked: the soft monotone of a baccarat dealer dealing out a game of the same. The dealers of baccarat have a unique job, and it can often be a source of exhaustion and frustration – so let’s take a moment to bemoan the dealer’s blues.

Baccarat Blues

Baccarat is a game that can last all night, and the dealer is expected to be at the table for the duration, dealing out the same game for hours on end. This can lead to a sense of monotony that can be hard to break, and quite quickly the dealers can fall into a deep boredom with their job. Even the most passionate baccarat fan can get burnt out from having to do the same thing over and over again, and the dealer is no exception.

The physical demands of the job can also take a toll, as dealers are expected to be on their feet for long periods of time, often in an intense and loud environment. While a dealer might be able to take breaks, these are often short respites that are not enough to break the cycle of endless dealing.

Many casino policies also add to the dealer’s woes. They are often expected to be constantly pleasant and accommodating to the players, which can be difficult to sustain over a long shift. Not to mention, their performance is also evaluated on the speed and accuracy of their dealing, so there is constant, unnecessary pressure to do well.

The Dealer’s Melancholy Melody

The dealer’s blues can be heard in the silent lulls in between rounds, where we can almost hear their weariness. This can lead to a noticeable change in their mood, as the day’s events take their toll. It’s true, some dealers are just born grumpy or are naturally unfriendly, but more often than not it is a result of a long shift of dealing out baccarat.

The job can also breed a sense of bitterness in the dealer. When a player wins, they get to go home with their money and the dealer is left to pick up the pieces. When a player loses, it is the dealer who has to endure their scorn. Either way, the dealer is left at the table while the players come and go, and this can foster a feeling of insignificance.

Many dealers also feel taken advantage of, as they are expected to work for a low wage and in unsavory conditions. They might feel overworked and undervalued, and while it is true that they choose to do the job, it is a difficult and thankless one.

It is easy to forget about the people who keep the wheels of casinos spinning, but the dealer’s blues are a real phenomenon that can be heard and felt in every casino. So next time you’re in a casino, take a moment to recognize the people in the background who keep the baccarat tables going, and be sure to give them the appreciation they deserve.

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