Campers at the Blackjack Table: Why Won’t They Leave?

It’s a problem that has plagued gamblers everywhere: campers at the blackjack table. These players don’t know when to quit, and they often make the playing experience of not only the other players, but also the dealer, much more difficult. These campers should know when to leave the table, but they don’t. Why won’t they leave? Read on to learn more.

“Won’t Somebody Think of the Dealer!?”

It’s no secret that dealers don’t like campers. After all, these players are the ones who keep playing even when they shouldn’t and they never take breaks. They also tend to be very slow in making decisions, which can lead to even more delays. And yet, the campers never seem to take the hint from the dealers and the other players that they should leave. It’s quite sad, really, that nobody is thinking of the poor dealers who have to put up with these players.

“The Campers Need to Leave the Table Already!”

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the campers should leave the table. After all, they’re not playing the game correctly and they’re making it more difficult for everyone else. The fact that they don’t seem to understand that is quite frustrating. Furthermore, they’re not improving their own chances of winning, or anyone else’s, either. If they want to keep playing, they should at least do it properly.

Campers at the blackjack table are a nuisance, plain and simple. They don’t know when to quit, they make the game more difficult for everybody, and they don’t even benefit from it. The dealers and the other players at the table would certainly be glad if the campers would just leave and allow the game to go on as normal. It’s up to the campers themselves to recognize when it’s time to move on.

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