Gambling on Grief: Profit over Loyalty

It’s not uncommon to do whatever it takes to make a profit. But sometimes pushing the boundaries of decency can be too much, even for the most hardened of business people. Gambling on Grief: Profit over Loyalty is a case in point; it highlights the disregard for loyalty that can occur when money is at stake.

Profiting off Grief

The concept of profiting off grief is a heinous one. It involves preying on vulnerable people in their darkest hour and exploiting them for financial gain. Sadly, this is exactly what some companies have been doing in recent years.

One particularly disgusting example is the numerous companies that offer to buy out annuity policies from grieving families. These policies are often taken out to cover funeral costs, and after the death of a family member these companies will swoop in and offer to buy them, usually at a fraction of their worth. This means the bereaved family is left out of pocket and with little or no financial help during a difficult time.

Another example of profiting off grief is the practice of increasing prices for services at the time of a bereavement. This could be anything from burial costs to the cost of hiring a limousine for the funeral. Companies are keenly aware that grieving families are more likely to pay a higher price, so they take advantage of this by hiking up the fees.

Gambling with Loyalty

The concept of loyalty is often celebrated in business, with companies offering incentives to customers for their loyalty. Ironically, when it comes to profiting off grief, loyalty is thrown out the window. Companies that buy out annuity policies from grieving families are taking advantage of their loyalty to the policyholder.

Grieving families are more likely to accept the offer of a lump sum payment from a company than to try and manage the policy themselves. This is because they are loyal to their deceased family member and want to honour their wishes. Companies take advantage of this loyalty by offering them a fraction of what the policy is worth, allowing them to make a tidy profit.

In addition, companies that hike up the cost of services such as burials or limousines are also taking advantage of loyalty. Bereaved families are likely to be loyal to the deceased and are therefore more willing to pay for a more expensive service. Companies recognize this and use it as an opportunity to make a profit.

Gambling on Grief: Profit over Loyalty is a sad but all too common occurrence in business. Companies are taking advantage of vulnerable people in their hour of need and exploiting them for financial gain. This disregard for loyalty and decency is shameful and shows how far some companies are willing to go in order to make a profit.

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