The Joy of Being a Blackjack Dealer: Seat Kickers

Working as a Blackjack dealer might not be the most glamorous profession in the world, but it does have its advantages. For one, there’s the joy of dealing with seat kickers. For those unfamiliar with the term, seat kickers are players who express their dislike of a play by kicking the seat in front of them. Though it may be annoying for some, Blackjack dealers could not be more pleased with these players.

Why Blackjack Dealers Love Seat Kickers

One of the main reasons why Blackjack dealers are so fond of seat kickers is the sheer entertainment they provide. Watching someone get so worked up over a game of cards can be quite amusing, especially in a casino, where the stakes can be quite high.

Another reason is that seat kickers can provide a much-needed break from the monotony of dealing the same game day in and day out. Seeing someone get so angry or frustrated can be a great way to break up the boredom of dealing the same game for hours on end.

Finally, seat kickers can provide an easy way for Blackjack dealers to make extra money. While it may be against the rules, dealers can often use their status as an authority figure to convince seat kickers to make additional bets or even buy drinks for the dealer.

The Silver Lining of Dealing With Difficult Players

Though they may seem like a nuisance at first, seat kickers can also be a great way for dealers to learn how to handle difficult players. Dealing with a seat kicker can be a great way to practice the art of customer service, as well as gain valuable insight into how to handle difficult situations.

In addition, seat kickers can often be a great source of tips for dealers. While it’s not always the case, many seat kickers will often tip more generously than other players in order to make up for their disruptive behavior.

Finally, dealing with seat kickers can be an excellent way for dealers to sharpen their game knowledge. After all, these players are often very knowledgeable about the game, so it can be a great way for dealers to learn more about the game and strategies.

In conclusion, while seat kickers may not be the most pleasant to deal with, Blackjack dealers can often find some silver linings to their presence in the casino. Not only can they provide an entertaining break from the monotony, but they can also be a great way to learn more about the game of Blackjack and gain valuable customer service experience.

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